Obama and my small business

After President Obama's re-election, what's next for small business owners? These five entrepreneurs say hiring, health insurance costs and the looming fiscal cliff are among their top concerns.

HoldUp Suspender Company

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Sal Herman, founder of HoldUp Suspenders Company, wants the government to invest more in innovation.
  • Revenue: $2 million
  • Number of employees: 6
  • Location: Southfield, Mich.
  • Website: suspenders.com

Unlike many other small business owners, Sal Herman said he typically doesn't pay much attention to presidential elections. This year was no different.

"As a businessman and an inventor, I get up every morning, dress to go to work and work hard so that my business does well," he said. "The president isn't going to make my business do well. That is my job."

Herman founded his online and wholesale suspenders business HoldUp Suspender Company in 1996. Today, he sells more than 250 varieties, all made in the United States.

"The next four years will be the same for me. I'll work on new products. I will try to keep my old customers and find new ones," he said. Herman, who provides insurance for his workers, said he will hire more workers as needed.

Although he otherwise doesn't want the government involved in his business, Herman said he would welcome more federal investment.

"If you invest in innovation, it spurs creativity. People will make things that people want. Consumers will buy these new products," he said. "As demand picks up, companies making these innovative products will hire more people and create jobs."

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