Black Friday deals you wouldn't expect

Forget doorbuster deals on flatscreen TVs and cameras. These four small businesses and franchises are ready to make a killing on Black Friday by offering juicy discounts on some surprising items.

Zoom Room

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Forget the mall! Bring Fido and friends for a fun day at Zoom Room.

Gretchen Kabler's pet business had an off-the-charts Black Friday in 2011. On the day after Thanksgiving, Kabler logged over ten times her usual Friday sales.

She operates a pet-related franchise outlet in Milwaukee that offers dog training, gym and recreation facilities, doggie disco parties, even social events for doggie owners.

"I think people who came to us on Black Friday were looking for a different experience," she said. "Maybe they're the folks who can't don't care much for malls but they wanted to go out after Thanksgiving and still do something fun."

Kabler's Black Friday promotions last year included 20% discounts on products and free 30-minute doggie gym rentals.

Except for opening an hour earlier at 10, and closing an hour later at 7, "we're doing the same exact thing this year," she said. "Why mess with success?"

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