Executive by day, entrepreneur by night

These seven moonlighters are pursuing big professional careers -- and their entrepreneurial dreams.

Consultant turned pet collar inventor

chakri paila moonlighting entrepreneurs
Paila last year acquired Dallas-based startup Hagar Collars, which offers a more comfortable alternative to cone-shaped first-aid collars for pets.
  • Name: Chakri Paila
  • Day job: Consultant
  • Side business: Hagar Collars

As an independent business consultant, Chakri Paila is an expert in solving other companies' problems. "It's always easier giving advice to someone else than being the one who needs the help," he said.

That changed when Paila acquired a struggling startup, Hagar Collars, last year because he felt passionate about their product -- a first aid brace for pets that's an alternative to the traditional lampshade collars, which can be restrictive and uncomfortable.

"Hands down I enjoy being an entrepreneur more," said Paila. "Every time an order comes in I get so much satisfaction. I want to grow my business and do it full time."

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