6 companies cashing in on Obamacare

The most dramatic changes mandated by the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare," kick in by 2014. These companies are poised for big growth as they work with hospitals, insurance providers and others scrambling to hit deadlines.

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obamacare ceos katelyn gleason
Eligible CEO Katelyn Gleason

Headquarters: San Francisco
Founders: Katelyn Gleason, Patrice Krakow
Launched: November 2011

In the past, few health insurers were set up to respond automatically, in real-time, to queries about a customer's coverage and eligibility for specific procedures. The Affordable Care Act requires them to build that electronic infrastructure -- a mandate that kicked in at the start of this year.

Eligible handles the complex wiring behind those communications. "We act as the exchange for information between the health plan and vendors," says CEO and cofounder Katelyn Gleason.

The potential market is massive: about two trillion queries for information each year. Eligible charges a per-transaction fee that starts at 5 cents and drops with volume.

Gleason, 27, and Patrice Krakow, 38, founded the company in late 2011 and further developed it at Silicon Valley tech incubator YCombinator last summer. It's now a part of the Rock Health incubator in San Francisco.

"Before the election, there was a wait-and-see mentality among health plans," Gleason says. "Since the election, we've gone from processing 1,000 requests a day to 8,000 a day in December."

They are also hiring. Eligible expects to add 10 to 20 engineers this year.

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