Fighting off the Startup 15 (pounds that is)

High stress and long hours led these entrepreneurs to pack on the weight.

Turning point? The day my 'pants didn't fit'

queny villanueva startup weight gain gallery
  • Name and business: Queny Villanueva, 52.
    SavvyBeast Treats, LLC., Bloomville, N.Y.
  • Then: A new company and a move to a rural farm far from a gym
  • Now: Plenty of outdoor walking, exercise videos and several small meals

I had two dogs die from cancer, and I was devastated. I had been cooking for them for 20 years, but three years ago I decided to turn that passion into my business: making healthy, organic dog treats. We officially launched the SavvyBeast website in July and our treats are now in 22 stores.

We used the kitchen at our farm in Upstate New York, and moving there from the New York City was a shock. The closest town was 25 minutes away. I couldn't go to gym because it took too long.

Then I was so wrapped up in the getting the business going that I wouldn't eat all day. I'd stop after six hours of work and just stuff my face with pasta or potatoes. It wasn't unhealthy, but just too much. One day I tried to put my pants on, and they didn't fit.

That was a turning point. I went online and ordered the Insanity (a video workout series). The first time I did it I thought I was going to die. But I recruited my husband and dogs to do it with me, and I just tried to do a little more each day.

I changed the way I eat. I cut out sugar and I eat six small meals a day. Now I have a great exercise and diet routine. I think for small business owners, the most important is thing to remember to make time for yourself.

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