Meet the new pot entrepreneurs

Washington State's budding marijuana industry has drawn entrepreneurs from all careers and backgrounds.

The grassroots activist

marijuana industry muraco kyashna
  • Entrepreneur: Muraco Kyashna-tocha
  • Background: Anthropologist
  • Weed-related job: Grower, nonprofit dispensary owner

The rise of for-profit, recreational pot in Washington might force Muraco Kyashna-tocha to close her medicinal marijuana nonprofit -- and move into full-time growing instead.

She's currently the head of Green Buddha, which serves 3,000 patients. She earns a living by growing marijuana at home and selling it to her medical nonprofit.

But that could soon be gone. Why would anyone go through the trouble of obtaining a doctor's note if they can buy recreational pot instead?

Kyashna-tocha, a long-time activist who pushed for medicinal marijuana, has no intention of running a for-profit dispensary. She calls the act of "selling pot to kids" -- healthy users in their 20s -- a soulless endeavor. It just doesn't give her the sense of absolution she gets from supplying it to cancer patients.

Instead, Kyashna-tocha expects to detach herself from the sales counter and move into supplying stores. She estimates that with 99 plants, she can net up to $120,000 annually after paying taxes.

"I would view this as a little prize after my 10 years of activism," she said.

But that would only work if she gets a supplier's license from the state. If not, Kyashna-tocha said she'll just grow for herself.

"I might very well need a job in six months," she admits.

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