What I gave up to start my business

From dream cars to family time, these entrepreneurs have sacrificed a lot.

Seeing my husband, starting a family

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I started White Star Communications, a marketing and PR firm, in January 2012. Then my husband received his orders to train in Oklahoma in March. And once there, he got his orders to go to Japan.

We wrestled with what to do for a long time. We decided it was worth it for the future of our family to be apart for now. It's definitely been hard. We try to talk every day, but it's not the same as coming home and putting my head on his chest and saying I had a bad day. I send him text pictures of me doing something silly or of a beautiful run on the beach. He IMs me when he wakes up and calls during his lunch break. We talk about the business a lot.

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I just hired my first employee and I've already signed up three new clients for this year. I want to do everything I can to make sure that this is worthwhile so that he hasn't been sitting in the barracks alone -- and we haven't delayed started our family -- for nothing.

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