Forget Silicon Valley. These startups are hot on Arkansas.

From tech and ecommerce to retail and gaming, these 6 startups picked Wal-Mart's backyard to set up shop.


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Agustin Juarez, 24 and Juan Videla, 26

ARK Challenge isn't just attracting entrepreneurs from across the United States. Agustin Juarez and Juan Videla moved to the state from South America after scoring a spot in the business accelerator.

Their startup, Gamerius, is a crowdfunding and distribution platform that allows aspiring game developers to launch their products.

"We also plan to include an online store through Gamerius where people can buy the finished games," said Juarez.

So far, they're happy about setting up base in Arkansas. "We've got $20,000 in funding through ARK Challenge, which is more than we were getting from other accelerators we applied to," said Juarez.

Juarez and Videla plan to stay in the U.S. until the business is up and running smoothly. "We're undecided about what happens after that," said Juarez.

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