Ballet flats for aching feet

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Ladies, you'll appreciate this genius idea from Rollasole.

After running around at an all-day conference or enjoying a night of clubbing, pop $20 into a Rollasole vending machine and get a pair of foldable ballet flats to relieve your tortured feet.

Matt Horan launched the vending machines in the U.K. in 2009, quickly generating buzz. Two years later, Ashley Ross partnered with Horan to bring them to stateside.

Today, Rollasole has 13 machines in Las Vegas and L.A. and plans to expand to other walking-intensive cities like New York.

The pink touchscreen machines, which are refilled weekly, offer a variety of of faux-leather designs -- the most popular being all-black, leopard print and silver. Ross said some locations sell as many as 200 pairs a month.

First published May 15, 2014: 7:32 AM ET

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