NFL injury jumpstarted food truck biz

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Selvin Young was a running back for the Denver Broncos in 2007-2008. But injury cut his professional football career short, forcing him to retire early.

He thought about two things -- a desire to start his own business and how much he used to enjoy working on projects with his father, a sheet metal mechanic.

Young opened a BBQ restaurant in 2009 in Houston.

"I needed a way to get more business when traffic was slow," he said. So he bought a food truck, customized it, and took his menu on the road.

He sold the restaurant and truck three years later. "But it was the truck that sold for double the cost," he said. "It's when the light bulb went off."

Young and his dad launched Custom Food Truck Builders in Houston in 2013. Young said he's hands-on with each truck, doing the plumbing, wiring, tubing and welding himself.

He's already built 28 trucks and trailers, selling each for about $50,000 -- double their cost.

"The demand is pretty high, and we're getting requests from all over the U.S. and from Japan, Taiwan and Dubai," he said.

First published February 10, 2015: 9:30 AM ET

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