7 craziest things connected to the Internet

Cows. Crops. Sewers. Thanks to the 'Internet of Things' trend, the world is now full of crazy, wirelessly connected stuff. Here are some of the wildest.

Dirty diapers

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Changing a dirty diaper isn't much fun, but it could be a bit more tech-savvy.

New York-based company 24eight has created "wireless diapers," which contain a cellular chip that sends a text message to the lucky mom or dad tasked with cleaning up the mess.

The idea, 24eight CEO David Schieffelin told the Wall Street Journal last year, is that parents can stay up-to-date on diaper status when they're out of the room, or when the child is at daycare or with a babysitter.

The diapers would each cost only two cents more than regular ones, Schieffelin told the Journal. He's looking to partner with a bigger company to commercialize the product.

For its last product, 24eight found a major partner in AT&T (T). The wireless carrier partnered with 24eight for a clinical trial of SmartSlippers: fuzzy booties that can detect if the wearer has fallen down and immediately connect the person with emergency services.

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