The star-studded history of CES celebrity gadgets

Pop stars and other cultural icons come out in droves for the annual Consumer Electronics Show, hawking signature products at the nerds' playground.

Justin Bieber

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If one had to guess what teen heartthrob Justin Bieber would unveil at CES, any sane betting person would wager that he'd put out his own headphones. But at the 2012 Las Vegas gathering, the Biebs unveiled a ... dancing robot. It's unclear what audience the gizmo is aimed at, but hey, it's Justin freakin' Bieber. Tosy's mRobo sings, boogies, and will probably sell through the roof when it goes on sale later this year. (Bieber not included).

  @CNNTech - Last updated January 06 2013 02:32 PM ET

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