Suitcase full of cash

cybercrime pack suitcase

With the charges announced on Monday, prosecutors have identified 14 people they say were involved in the scheme. One, Alberto Yusi Lajud-Peña, was murdered in the Dominican Republic shortly after the heists.

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"[J]ust days after the Bank Muscat Unlimited Operation, defendant Franjul and co-conspirators packed approximately $800,000 in cash into luggage destined for the late Lajud-Peña, who was then in Miami," a court document reads. "Franjul's co-conspirators took the cash-filled luggage on a bus to Florida, where they gave some or all of the cash to Lajud-Peña, who later fled to the Dominican Republic."

First published November 18, 2013: 5:26 PM ET

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