8 worst terms of service ever

Websites have one-sided, unfair contracts. Apps access phone features that let them spy on you. You're not reading the fine print. But you should.


bad privacy policies instagram

In 2012, Instagram tweaked its terms of service to let itself sell your photos to advertising companies. Your face could have been plastered on an ad somewhere without your permission.

The decision scared lots of people. In a single month, the company lost half of its 16.3 million daily users. The exodus forced Instagram to perform a public mea culpa.

"Legal documents are easy to misinterpret," the company said. "It is not our intention to sell your photos." The language was changed, and co-founder Kevin Systrom promised the company had no plans to do that kind of thing.

A year later, the company has recovered. Instagram surpassed 200 million users in March. But the episode has not been forgotten.

  @Jose_Pagliery - Last updated May 13 2014 11:23 AM ET

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