8 worst terms of service ever

Websites have one-sided, unfair contracts. Apps access phone features that let them spy on you. You're not reading the fine print. But you should.


bad privacy policies exercise

"Exercise" is an app that promises to teach you 15 new moves. It's been downloaded more than 10,000 times on the Google Play store and gets great reviews.

The surprise? Downloading it allows the app to track your precise location, examine your Wi-Fi connections and record your Web browsing. When you plug your phone into a computer, it can tap your computer files or even delete them.

The maker is "VelBrothers," and there's no listed record of who this actually is. Emails from CNN went unanswered. This app developer has made more than two dozen other apps about exercise, meditation and children's games, and they all have similar voyeuristic features.

The AVG (AVG) Threat Labs app scanner lists nearly all of them as potential malware and calls its advertising software privacy-invasive.

  @Jose_Pagliery - Last updated May 13 2014 11:23 AM ET

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