Samsung S6 Edge

mwc samsung s6 edge smartphone

Samsung has turned things around with the launch of the Samsung S6 Edge, after a dismal reception for its Galaxy S5 in 2014.

The new smartphone features a metal case and a curved screen. Samsung says that should help you see who is calling, and allow space for up to five friends to be just a swipe away.

The new flagship phone, which takes some design cues from the iPhone 6, promises to be stronger and faster than previous models. It also comes with wireless charging technology, allowing the phone to charge when it's placed on a charging station. (Ikea is launching wireless charging furniture this year, so if you like Ikea and Samsung, you're in luck!)

Expect the battle between Samsung and rival HTC to be fierce this year. Both are launching new flagship smartphone models in April.

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First published March 4, 2015: 7:44 AM ET

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