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Windows 10 is coming this summer, and there's no feature more anticipated than the Start Menu (it's back, baby!).

The Start Menu is now one of several information and access hubs that are part of Windows. It features three columns. On the left is most-used apps, power, user settings, quick links and a button to see all your installed software. The middle and right columns are made up of pinned apps and "Live Tiles" -- Windows apps that dynamically give you information, such as weather, stock information and sports scores. You can pin any app to Start, but only certain apps show live info.

Start can seem a bit redundant at times: There are literally now four ways to launch apps in Windows, including Start, the desktop, the taskbar and Cortana. But it's the only place to see Live Tiles, and it's a much more finger-friendly option than the desktop for those with touchscreen PCs.

Start looks great, too. The Live Tiles have friendly and fun animations, and Microsoft even added some "Aero Glass" transparency that Windows 7 fans had requested (Microsoft hasn't decided whether the Start Menu will be transparent or have a frosted-glas blur effect -- stay tuned!).

First published June 1, 2015: 6:53 AM ET

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