You'll be a student for the rest of your life

best advice 2015 layla shaikley

Shaikley's resume reflects her dynamic personality -- she was a NASA intern, the co-producer of the viral YouTube video "Muslim Hipsters: #mipsterz," cofounder of TedxBaghdad, and an entrepreneur -- and she's only 30. Her startup, Wise Systems, helps companies make real-time delivery decisions. The startup participated in the TechStars Mobility accelerator in Detroit this year.

Best advice:
"My dad told me a story of his med school professor in Baghdad who said, 'So you want to be a doctor, huh? You're a student now and you'll be a student for the rest of your life.' That's how I feel every day."

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First published January 8, 2016: 5:18 PM ET

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