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Bijoor, 39, worked at Chanel, Ann Taylor and Elie Tahari and saw inefficiencies in the fashion industry first-hand. In 2010, she launched JOOR, an online wholesale marketplace to connect brands and buyers -- and eliminate the pen and paper transactions many still relied on. JOOR counts major businesses like Kate Spade and Vera Wang among its users.

Best advice:
"A former boss told me to 'focus more on managing your energy than your time.' As an entrepreneur, you and your VCs are always going to be worried about burnout. When you work with people you love, who you get and give energy to, you won't get burned out as easily. Burning out is a symptom of surrounding yourself with people who zap energy from you or require a ton of maintenance. It's not worth it!"

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First published January 8, 2016: 5:18 PM ET

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