Miss: A 'smart' tail you can move with your phone for $500

connected tail ces 2016

We might kick ourselves for calling this a "miss," but we can't imagine how many people would want to buy a tail that they can move using a smartphone app -- especially one that costs $500.

The "In-Tail," short for "intelligent tail," connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and can be programmed to move in different ways.

"Tail algorithms emulate the natural movement of several different creatures with the ability to switch between responsive modes (Dinosaur, Cat, Dog, Dancer, Balanced, and more)," the company says.

The tail itself is made from a "flexible cable with a 3-D printed vertebrae." You wear it by wrapping a seat belt-like buckle around your waist.

"The result is a tail that is extremely responsive, balanced and lifelike," its makers say.

Expected shipping will take place around late April to early May.

If you don't want an intelligent tail, the Santa Cruz-based company also makes a non-electric version too for $200.

First published January 8, 2016: 9:31 PM ET

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