Treating cancer with fewer side effects

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Chemotherapy takes a huge toll on a cancer patient's body.

Dr. Vijay Chudasama, a researcher at University College London, has been working to find an alternative procedure for almost five years. He believes that in five to 10 years, his research will eliminate the need for chemotherapy -- and its sometimes horrifying side effects.

"Genuinely, I think it is going to be absolutely huge," he said. "[With chemotherapy], you essentially take a cocktail of drugs not targeted to any great extent, and they kill your healthy tissue and kill your cancer tissue."

Watch: Developing antibodies to create targeted medicines

Chudasama's treatment exploits biological vehicles (i.e. antibodies) to discriminate between healthy and diseased tissue. That way, the toxic compounds can be selectively delivered to cancer cells -- but leave the healthy ones alone.

First published March 16, 2016: 12:45 PM ET

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