Self-driving corner stores

2018 ces

Robomart is an on-demand, electric, self-driving store that could automate food deliveries.

A hungry person can use the smartphone app to summon the food car to their home or office. They grab the food they want from inside and sensors will automatically detect what's missing and charge their account.

The Santa Clara, California-based startup showed off a small version its car, but the real model is the size of a minivan. The company hopes to be on streets later this year. It plans on leasing the cars to brands, such as Whole Foods or your local sandwich spot.

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The driverless, refrigerator-on-wheels concept is the latest in a string of startups trying to automate small shops.

Aipoly, another company at CES, wants to use cameras and image recognition to automate shops. Meanwhile, Ford announced is working with Domino's to test self-driving pizza delivery technology in Michigan, and Toyota is teaming up with Pizza Hut and Amazon for deliveries made by self-driving trucks.

First published January 16, 2018: 12:43 PM ET

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