6 stunning undersea hotels

Hoteliers around the world have planned luxury accommodations in the deep. A few modest underwater hotels already exist, but some of the most ambitious attempts may not make it past the blueprint stage.

Dubai - Water Discus Hotel

underwater hotels the discus dubai

Dubai is arguably the luxury capital of the world, so it's hardly surprising that the United Arab Emirates wants to create the largest undersea hotel in the world.

Dubai unveiled its plans in 2012, and the above-water portion of the proposed Water Discus hotel looks like an opulent cluster of UFOs -- albeit with a sunbathing deck.

Below the surface will be 21 luxe rooms, a lavish lobby and a training pool for scuba diving. The designer, Deep Ocean Technology, aims to launch several Water Discus hotels around the world -- the Maldives announced plans for its own Discus in June 2013.

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