6 stunning undersea hotels

Hoteliers around the world have planned luxury accommodations in the deep. A few modest underwater hotels already exist, but some of the most ambitious attempts may not make it past the blueprint stage.

Fiji - Poseidon Undersea Resort

underwater hotels poseidon undersea resort

L. Bruce Jones, the president of U.S. Submarines, has been working on the Poseidon Undersea Resort for over a decade. The five-star hotel is set to be built on a 225-acre private island in Fiji, surrounded by a 5,000 acre lagoon.

The as-yet-unlaunched Poseidon bills itself as luxury lodging for the adventurous sort -- to the tune of $15,000 or more for an underwater package. Activities will include piloting a personal Triton submarine, scuba diving in the lagoon's clear water and riding as a passenger on a 1,000-foot luxury submersible.

Those hoping to be future guests at Poseidon are welcomed to pre-register on the hotel's website, but those 150,000 people who have already registered could be waiting for a while. According to the New York Times, Jones and his team have been working on the hotel plans since 2001 -- and it was slated to open in 2009.

But that hasn't stopped Jones. In April 2013, Poseidon announced it's already scoping out locations for a second resort.

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