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Standard Ad Specifications
Rich Media
Ad Guidelines & Policies
Implementation Instructions
Implementation Instructions
Formats Accepted
  • Standard Banners: GIF, JPEG, Standard 3rd Party Tags.
  • Standard Rich Media: Flash, HTML, 3rd Party Rich Media.
  • Email Newsletter Banners: GIF and JPEG only.
Lead Times requires 5 business days prior to campaign launch dates for receipt of standard banner creative
assets and 10 days for standard rich media creative assets.
Submission Process
Please send advertising creative to the following address:
In the subject line of the email please include the following: - Advertiser - Brand and Campaign Name - Flight Dates,
(e.g. - Time Warner - Fortune Magazine Fortune 500 Promotion - Q1 2006)

In order to help us implement your contract as quickly and efficiently as possible, please supply the following
in your email:
      1. Advertiser name as it appears on the insertion order/contract
      2. Campaign name
      3. Submitter's name, phone number, and email address
      4. Site name (i.e.
      5. sales representative
      6. Contract start/end date
      7. All creative banner sizes and creative assets required for flight. No contract can be finalized
      without proper creative sizes. File names can be comprised of any number and type of characters as long as
      they constitute a valid Microsoft Windows filename. For example:
  • No commas (,)
  • No exclamation points (!)
  • Maximum of three creative banners per media plan line item
      8. Destination URL for creative. No contract can be finalized without working URL. If viable URL is
          not included, will default to the URL identified in the contract.
      9. If you have any special instructions required for the contract, please submit them in a detailed
          spreadsheet, including filenames of additions and deletions, start and end dates, and the
          corresponding line item description.

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