Bollywood dance instructor
mollie singh, solo entrepreneurs
Mollie Singh, 41 (top row, 2nd from right): Her Bollywood dance troupe has performed at Microsoft events.
Searches by would-be customers: 3,043 in 2012, up from 412
Entrepreneurs listed: 163 in 2012, up from 26
Typical pay: $24 an hour

Searches for Bollywood dance instructors on Thumbtack have increased six-fold from last year.

"Bollywood dance is ... fun and the costumes are beautiful. So more people are becoming attracted to it," said Mollie Singh, a Seattle-based program manager for Dell and Bollywood dance teacher.

Singh, who charges $18 to $40 an hour, has been teaching Bollywood dance in Seattle since 2008. She also teaches and manages a Bollywood dance troupe that has performed in corporate events at Microsoft and Boeing.

"My classes are growing. My troupe is getting more work. I could potentially do this fulltime if I wanted to," she said.

- Last updated September 26 2012 11:04 AM ET
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