Why these business owners are hiring (well, most of them)

Fiscal cliff, be damned. Sure, they hate the uncertainty in Washington, but some of America's top entrepreneurs say now is a great time to hire new talent.

'You just have to keep moving forward'

Jennifer Hill
  • The expert: Jennifer Hill
  • The company: Venture Attorney and Entrepreneurial Advocate

"Yes, we are hiring. We never stopped, the criteria just gets longer and longer. Arrangements with employees and consultants become more creative: Each role has something 'extra' added, each hire offers something unique to advance the business, and each one has to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. Everyone is expected to wear multiple hats, hustle, and learn new skills.

"This recession has taught us that even if the news says the economic sky is falling, you just have to keep moving forward. 'Forward' may look really different six months and 12 months from now, but if you wait and see what happens with the economy, politics, and beyond, you'll always be waiting and miss opportunities.

"The best hiring decisions that I have made placed people, potential, and perspective over reactionary measures due to an economic forecast. Onward!"

  @CNNMoney - Last updated December 17 2012 11:37 AM ET