8 must-have holiday toys

Some of the coolest toys this year are from small toy makers. Here are eight hot toys that just might be the smash hit of the holiday season.

Duck Dynasty talking duck

hot toys duck dynasty
  • Company: The Wish Factory
  • Price: 8 and up
  • Age: $49.95

Want to spend the holidays with Si, Jason, Willie and Phil? The Wish Factory has you covered.

This 12-inch talking duck offers sage wisdom from the hit reality show "Duck Dynasty," such as "Just 'cause you're smart doesn't mean you're smart," and "Redneck rule #1: Most things can be fixed with extension cords and duct tape."

The duck also sings two ZZ Top songs, moves its beak, turns its head and wags its tail.

Joel Naftelberg, marketing director for The Wish Factory, said the inspiration came from the Big Mouth Billy Bass -- a singing animatronic fish mounted on a trophy plaque -- that was popular in the '90s.

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