14 gadgets we wish would be unveiled at CES

An inexpensive ultrabook
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Ultrabooks haven't yet been the hit Intel (INTC) expected, but they deserve to be: After trying out a featherweight device like the 2.5 pounders in Toshiba's Portege Z935 line, you'll never go back to a traditional laptop. So why haven't they caught on?

Sticker shock. Basic laptops can be had for less than $500, but it's nearly impossible to find an ultrabook for under $700, and the majority ring in with price tags well over $1,000. Most shoppers won't pay that kind of premium to shed a few pounds and grab an extra two or three hours of battery life.

A new wave of ultrabooks will be on display at CES; we're hoping a few of them come with ultra-slim price tags. - SC

- Last updated January 07 2013 01:36 PM ET
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