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The next Mark Zuckerberg

You know Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, but there's a changing guard of entrepreneurs focused on big ideas and the next big thing. Here's a batch to look out for.

Aaron Levie - Box

next mark zuckerberg aaron levie

As investors have scaled back their funding of consumer apps and are focusing more on enterprise software, Box founder Aaron Levie is quickly becoming a star.

The 28-year old started Box, a secure file sharing service for businesses, eight years ago in college with a friend.

"We were, you know, quite frankly bored with school and we were trying to find all these different things to do," Levie told CNNMoney. "We kind of landed on the idea that it should be way easier to share your information from anywhere."

The duo dropped out of college to focus on the service full time. Today, the company has more than 700 employees and a billion dollar valuation. The company now serves 150,000 businesses and has just announced plans to expand overseas.

Needless to say, Levie doesn't sleep much. When asked how he felt about tech giant Google, launching a competing service, Google Drive, Levie responded "Have you ever been chased by an elephant?"

  @CNNTech - Last updated June 24 2013 06:02 AM ET