Asian Brainstormers feast, Federle breaks news

The first breaking news of Brainstorm: Time Inc. Group Publisher Michael Federle announced this evening that the 2007 Fortune Global Forum will be held next year in New Delhi, India in late October. The announcement came in a private room at Aspen's Matsuhisa restaurant as Federle joined Fortune International Editor Robert Friedman and Asian Bureau Chief Clay Chandler in welcoming Brainstormers from across Asia. It was the first such Asia-specific welcome in Brainstorm's history, and nobody will claim that there wasn't sufficient food and drink to mark the occasion. (Note to HQ: please add Nobu Matsuhisa to the 2008 Brainstorm invite list.) The meal was warmly welcomed by Mr. David Li, Director of the Center for China in the World Economy at the prestigious Tsinghua University, who had spent the previous night riding an aiport chaise following a missed connection. Possibly even less fortunate in that regard were a half dozen or so Japanese execs, including Airbus Japan CEO Glen Fukushima, who ran into their own connection troubles in Denver and thus were plodding into the mountains in a rented van as the rest sipped premium sake from tiny bamboo cups....
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