Bizzarrini Manta: Inside a bizarre '60s concept supercar

The Bizzarrini Manta was the starting point for one of the world's greatest auto design firms. And it was lost for almost a decade.

Something doesn't look quite right

The most unusual aspect of the Manta, besides the garish color scheme, is its seating. The driver sits in the center of what is, essentially, a bench seat. Passengers would sit to either side with the three occupants riding shoulder to shoulder.

For the driver, getting in involves opening one of the very, very long doors, sitting in the passenger seat and sliding across into the driver's seat. Getting over the gearshift lever is, surprisingly, no problem.

Since this is a concept car, the seats and steering aren't adjustable leaving an average-sized driver in the awkward position of having the steering wheel between his knees.

  @peterdrives - Last updated August 24 2012 09:35 AM ET

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