Crazy colors are a hit on small cars

While most car buyers go for the standard silver, white and black tones, small car buyers are being much more adventurous.

Chevrolet Spark

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A surprisng 10% of Chevrolet Sparks sold so far have been this color, "Techno Pink." It's not the most popular color for the Spark -- that's "Salsa" red followed by "Jalepeno" green -- but it's still surprisingly popular for something so... pink. The Spark is actually the first Chevrolet ever offered with pink as part of the regular color palette. (Past pink Chevys have all been "special edition" models.)

In this case, the color probably reflects the Spark's Asian origins, said Lockhart. The Spark is built in Korea and was offered for sale in Asia before coming to the U.S. Pink is a popular shade for cars in Asia.

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