10 James Bond cars you can afford

Sure, an Aston Martin DB5 like the one James Bond drives in "Skyfall" will cost you an arm and a leg, but if you want to drive a car like the movie super-spy, you may not have to shell out big bucks after all.

1974 AMC Hornet

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  • Driven in: The Man with the Golden Gun
  • Used price: $1,900

This had to be the biggest product placement ever for the now defunct American Motors. In the movie, Bond nabs the Hornet out of a Hong Kong showroom and goes on a chase involving an AMC Matador Coupe. While it may be cheap, if you can find one, few Hornets of this era survive. If you do find one, we do not recommend that you attempt a corkscrew jump over a river. That only works in the movies.

Source: CNNMoney
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