SRT Viper: A more refined beast

With its no-frills approach to performance, the Dodge Viper had become an anachronism. The new one brings it into the 21st century with some classy touches.

Place of business

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You can tell before you even start the engine fires up that the Viper has entered a new realm. Before, the Viper's interior was simply where one had to sit to drive the car. It was a place of business, not too much nicer than the cockpit of a commercial delivery van or a backhoe.

This time, there's leather. Lots of leather. There's barely anyplace in here that isn't coated in cowskin. And it's got nice contrasting stitching, too, and everything you might expect to touch is softly padded.

The new Viper even offers top-notch entertainment beyond, of course, just driving the car. The Viper GTS we were driving, the more luxuriously appointed model, had a whopping 12 speaker stereo. The car also comes with a new version of Chrysler Group's uConnect system which, honestly, has become one of the best and easiest-to-use phone and music inferfaces around.

The Viper is priced like a luxury car and, for once, the money seems well spent even when you're parked.

Source: CNNMoney
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