10 cheapest new cars in America

If you simply can't stomach buying a used car, here are the cheapest new cars on the market.

Chevrolet Spark

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  • Base price: $12,185
  • Fuel economy: 32 City, 38 Hwy

Watch: Chevy Spark: Pink and perfect for the city

Surprising as it might sound, U.S.-based automakers are now turning out some of the best subcompacts on the market. For instance, here's the cute and fun Chevy Spark. Yes, it's really tiny but the front seats, at least, are reasonably spacious and the interior is highly practical. What makes the Spark really charming is that it doesn't pretend to be anything more or less than what it is: small cheap transportation. Other automakers take note. Even at this price, driving a teeny car ought to be fun -- and this one is.

  @peterdrives - Last updated February 06 2013 05:54 AM ET

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