5 really-great big cars

Full-sized non-luxury cars have suddenly become amazing.

Ford Taurus

big car ford taurus
  • Base price: $26,700
  • MPG: 19 city / 29 hwy, with base V6

The Taurus is a really good car that offers the look and feel of a luxury automobile at the price of a Ford, albeit a relatively expensive Ford (F). Still, It's taken some criticism for being a big car that doesn't seem quite so big inside. It's also taken shots for not feeling quite as light on its feet as some of the others.

There's some truth in all that, especially as the competition keeps getting tougher. But, really, the Taurus is still a great car. It's just not quite as great as some of the others in this gallery.

  @peterdrives - Last updated July 29 2013 06:35 AM ET

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