8 small cars: Cargo space vs. parking space

These small cars still pack a lot of room for luggage.

Ford C-Max

little big cars ford c max
  • Overall length: 173.6 inches
  • Luggage Capacity: 24.5 cubic feet
  • Fuel economy: 45 city, 40 highway
  • Base price: $25,200

Video - C-Max: Funny looking, fun to drive

The C-Max is essentially a hybrid-only version of the Ford Focus with a bigger body. It might not be the handsomest car in the world but it does fit in a lot of stuff. Plus, it's actually fun to drive. Ford recently had to revise the C-Max's EPA fuel economy estimates downward but those numbers are still excellent, especially for a car with its rare combination of pep and practicality.

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