Alfa Romeo 4C - Awfully fun

Like an exotic car, you take the good with the bad

alfa romeo 4c

The Alfa Romeo 4C looks very much like an exotic car. And, except for the five-figure -- not six-figure -- price tag, it basically is.

Its underlying structure is made largely from lightweight and expensive carbon fiber, just like an exotic. And its engine is mounted under glass behind the two seats. It's easily visible and easily audible as well.

But that turbocharged engine has only four cylinders, not the eight or twelve you'd expect in a real exotic car. Also, it produces just 237 horsepower. That's not a paltry figure but its not supercar stuff. This is is a small, light car, though, so it's still plenty.

Now, exotic cars have their downsides. They're usually not so great for day-to-day driving, and, boy, does that Alfa Romeo 4C have that problem. By the ton.

First published October 6, 2014: 1:13 PM ET

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