Jeep Renegade

jeep renegade
  • Price: $18,000 (Base)

Compacts and subcompact models like the Ford Fusion, Honda Civic and Chevrolet Sonic are popular choices among younger drivers. But I'd like to show you some cars that you might not have considered.

This, for instance, is the latest member of the Jeep family and it's tons of fun. Yes, it is a Jeep, so the ride's a little bouncy but inside, it's comfortable, solidly built and feels bigger than it looks. Also, you can have fun finding all the hidden "Easter eggs" -- like an off-road map in the storage bin liner and pictures of Jeeps hidden in various places. (Hint: Check around the edge of the windshield.)

First published May 27, 2015: 10:44 AM ET

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