Bigger than ever

bmw 7 series

At a recent series of closed door meetings with journalists and some of its best customers BMW revealed the next generation of the German luxury brands biggest car, the 7-series.

From the outside, the design is not a startling leap away from past 7-series sedans but it's what's going on inside that's really interesting. There's a host of interesting new technology. The car will be able to steer itself at low speeds and a sign reader will allow drivers to automatically obey posted speed limits -- or exceed them by a set amount. (This is a BMW, after all.)

As for the car itself, it's fairly huge. It's more than an inch longer than today's "extended wheelbase" car, and from now on, BMW will only sell the extra-long version in the U.S. We Americans like our legroom.

First published June 10, 2015: 1:34 PM ET

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