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Churchill Toad Flail Tank

tank auction churchill toad flail
  • Sold for: $80,500

If you have a land-mine problem, this is the vehicle for you. Built in the 1950s as one of 42 such vehicles, it was designed to clear a path through a mine field by setting off the buried mines with its huge flinging metal chains.

The tank and the rotating barrel to which the chains are attached are driven by two separate powerful engines. As it moved, the flail tank would drop flags out of its back end to mark the now-safe walking path. This British Toad tank runs and drive, and the flail worked -- at least as of 2008. Modern armies have better ways of taking care of mines so, today, vehicles like this are used mostly for humanitarian mine clearing operations.

First published July 15, 2014: 7:17 AM ET

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