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Stresses of the super rich

Just because you make seven -- or eight -- figures, doesn't mean you live on Easy Street. The rich are just as stressed about money as the rest of us. Here are five things that keep the 1% up at night.

Hiring the right help

one percent stress help

Life for the very rich can be busy, and they're often juggling a lot of things that need to operate smoothly. In order to alleviate some of that burden, they hire help to take care of their families, homes, belongings and businesses.

But finding the right people to handle the stress is, in and of itself, stressful.

The ultra wealthy need a lawyer, an accountant, at least one housekeeper, a nanny, a chef, chauffeur, landscaper, decorator, personal assistant, security, and possibly a crew for a yacht or jet.

And their standards can be high. It's not easy to find a nanny who speaks three languages and knows martial arts, or a body guard with a concealed weapons permit who can travel the world.

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