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  • Price: 7-day stay: $6,500 per person

The owners of The Ranch at Live Oak Malibu don't want any distractions during your stay, so there's no Wi-Fi or cell phone reception on site and rooms lack a telephone and TV.

The seven-day program claims to increase your physical endurance, lower your weight and tone you up, all while "getting off the grid" and back to nature.

Each day starts at 5:30 with light exercise, followed by breakfast and a four- to five-hour hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. After lunch comes an hour-long nap time trailed by another exercise session. You get a daily private massage and all meals are vegetarian and organic.

According to ranch owner, Alex Glasscock, a good portion of visitors are business people seeking a break from technology. "They go back into the real world and are better at delegating and managing their e-mails."

If you really need to get an inbox fix, there are two common computers available.

First published January 20, 2016: 4:14 PM ET

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