Durham, North Carolina

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First Hand Food's sausage truck

Food trucks are a thing in a lot of places, but they're really a thing in Durham.

"There were four food trucks in 2010," said Tina Prevatte, co-founder of First Hand Foods, which started as a truck selling local sausages and shifted into a wholesale supplier of local meats. "Now there's like 80."

Restaurants are booming too.

"It seems like there's a new restaurant opening every few weeks, and that's no exaggeration," said Prevatte.

Local favorites include Toast for paninis, Piedmont for steaks and Mateo for tapas.

Durham is another place that's trying to replace smoking with eating.

"You used to walk down the streets and smell the tobacco roasting," said Prevatte. "But it's transitioning from a tobacco town to a food town."

First published January 20, 2016: 4:21 PM ET

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