Nudie Cohn's dazzling Cadillac

Peter in nudie car in desert

Nudie Cohn was known for the glittering rhinestone studded suits he created, worn by performers like Roy Rogers, Elvis Presley, Teddy Pendergrass and Glen Campbell.

HIs customized cars were intended to market his clothing business. But these cars, with steer horns on the front, silver dollar encrusted interiors and six-shooters all around, have become pop culture icons in their own right.

There were 18 Nudiemobiles in all. The family still has two, and they let me drive one of them.

I grabbed the chrome revolver door handles on Nudie's old 1975 Cadillac Eldorado and took it out to the California desert. It's hot out there and the sun is bright. The windshield filled with reflections of sparking silver dollars.

People in other cars stopped to talk to us. Cohn surely knew how to get attention. Thirty years after his death, he's still getting it.

First published November 23, 2015: 3:42 AM ET

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