'Back to the Future' DeLorean

Gold DeLorean The Collector

The "Back to the Future" movie series was an amazing piece of product placement for the DeLorean Motor Company.

The now-defunct automaker made one car -- the model DCM-12. Everyone called it, simply, the DeLorean.

My time behind the wheel of a factory-original DeLorean (with a gold-colored body wrap by 3M) was a pleasant surprise.

I'd been warned not to expect too much but, honestly, it was a fun and refreshing car to drive. The steering is tight and responsive and the manual shifter was a pleasure to flick from gear to gear.

Unfortunately, my time with the car was cut short by a failing belt in the engine compartment. Well, it is a 30-year-old car. Stuff happens.

First published November 23, 2015: 3:42 AM ET

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