Driving Bentley's new SUV

Elegance inside

bentley bentayga

People may differ about the Bentayga's exterior appearance. But no one should have any issues with the interior. It's cushy, comfortable and lovely to look at. Bentley is famous for opulent interiors covered in thick soft leather made from some of the world's best-treated cows. The wood you see is real wood and the shiny metal parts you see are made from authentic cold, hard metal. (Bentley is now also offering stone veneers made from, yes, real stone. I'm not kidding.)

There are only two rows of seats in the Bentayga, not three, because it's just not that sort of SUV. No one is going to slap a stick-figure family on the back window of a Bentayga. The second row seats are, of course, fully adjustable every which way. The lucky person in the right-hand back seat can even take control of the front passenger seat to move it out of the way for more legroom. (Provided there's no-one sitting there, of course.) The rear-seat entertainment system includes removable touch screens so that passengers can pop them out and use them like iPads if they wish.

First published May 27, 2016: 11:59 AM ET

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