'Troubled' Obamacare rollout

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Despite more than three years to build the site, the launch of Healthcare.gov on Oct. 1 was an epic failure.

Users complained about spending hours trying to sign up online, and only six people signed up for federal plans on day 1. Many of the bugs have been fixed and Obamacare sign-ups now number in the hundreds of thousands. But that's a far cry from the seven million forecast for 2014.

That's not all. In some cases, the website is transmitting incorrect info to insurers. Not exactly ideal, especially if you think you've signed up, but the insurer has no record of it.

Finally, there was "the promise." In selling the Affordable Care Act, Obama famously stressed "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan." But insurers have dropped several million people from their rolls because the plans weren't Obamacare-compliant. Republicans had a field day replaying Obama's statement, and even nonpartisan Politifact named it the "lie of the year. - A.R.

Watch: Healthcare.gov fails the uninsured

First published December 18, 2013: 6:38 AM ET

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