Cities with the biggest pay hikes

While the average worker in the U.S. saw their wages rise 2.5% over the past year, workers in these five cities saw a much bigger bump, according to PayScale.

5. Atlanta

wage growth cities atlanta
Big corporations like Coca-Cola are helping to fuel wage growth in Atlanta.
  • One-year pay increase: 3%

Many of the area's jobs were generated by big-name companies that call Atlanta home, like Coca-Cola (KO) and Home Depot (HDS), according to PayScale's Bardaro.

The healthcare information industry has been another source of growth. In May, PointClear Solutions, a healthcare software development company, moved its headquarters to Atlanta from Alabama and brought with it 200 jobs. And last month, AthenaHealth (ATHN) announced a 500 job expansion in Atlanta, while Greenway Medical Technologies (GWAY), has added 300 new jobs in the western suburb of Carrolton over the past 18 months.

Governor Nathan Deal called health care information technology "an exploding industry" that is "is already thriving in Georgia."

Construction jobs, IT and business services, including accounting and legal careers, are also on the rise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Source: PayScale
The PayScale Index tracks changes in what full-time employees earn over time based on quarterly compensation trends. This report is based on the year-over-year percentage change in compensation for the 12 months ending June 30, 2013.
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